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Chip and PIN

A chip card is the same as our current credit and cheque cards with the additional technology of smart cards. The major benefit of these smart cards is that they are capable of storing data that uniquely identifies the card and the cardholder using a PIN.

Chip and PIN cards provide:

A secure way to pay: The use of complex encryption prevents unauthorised access to information stored on the microchip, making point of sale transactions safer than ever before.

Greater convenience: Chip cards contain a number of checks and balances, which means that your card can make an informed decision at every transaction with fewer cashier related security procedures required.

What can I do with this?
Not all merchants have PIN technology so you may not need to use your PIN, also some merchants may still require a signature even if your PIN is used.
As an additional security measure, all new, replacement and re-issue RMB Private Bank Credit Cards require a 4-digit PIN.

Where can I view my PIN?

  • The Cheque card is accompanied by a PIN Tab when delivered, whereby you will be able to remove the film and view your PIN.
  • You can log on to RMB Private Bank Online Banking.
  • You can visit of any one of the RMB Private Bank Offices which are enabled with a Chip and PIN device or alternatively they can make use of any FNB Branch.
  • RMB Private Bank suites are situated across the country in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Umhlanga, Hillcrest, Tygervalley, Stellenbosch and Newlands.

Will the PIN I register on Online Banking automatically work for my new Chip and PIN Card?

  • No. The new PIN that you selected will not be synchronised to the chip and will not work when you swipe your card at a merchant's store. You will have to go to an ATM and enable the PIN.
  • Insert your card into the ATM and enter the New PIN that you have just created. The new PIN will be automatically synchronised to the chip of the card.

How to use Online Secure when shopping online:

  • Once activated proceed to the checkout. Input your 16 digit RMB Private Bank Visa Credit Card number when prompted.
  • You will then be asked for a One Time PIN (OTP) which you will receive via SMS.
  • Finalise your purchase.

Online Secure

Online Secure is a unique service offered by RMB Private Bank that uses a One Time PIN (OTP) to protect cardholders against unauthorised use of your RMB Private Bank card. Once activated, your RMB Private Bank card cannot be used for online purchases at participating retailers without your OTP.

Online Secure is designed to give you an extra level of protection against unauthorised card use when making online purchases with your RMB Private Bank card.

What can Online Secure do?

  • Protect your RMB Private Bank card with a OTP.
  • Provide you with an extra level of protection when shopping online.
  • As long as your OTP remains secure, and your RMB Private Bank card is activated for Online Secure, no one else can use your card to make online purchases at participating retailers.

Online Secure FAQs

Notification: inContact

inContact, an innovative messaging service, allows you to stay in touch with your financial transactions as they occur, at no extra charge.

Once you have registered for inContact*, you will receive real-time confirmation of deposits, transfers, withdrawals and purchases on all your RMB Private Bank accounts via cellphone or e-mail, preventing unexpected surprises. You can set the Rand amount limit that you would like to receive notifications about, as well as the times that you want to receive your messages.

*Please note that we are dependent on external service providers, which may intermittently result in a delay of notification.

Please note that the use of any of the delivery channels is at your own initiative and at your own risk. You are advised to register with RMB Private Bank for the free inContact service. inContact will immediately inform you via SMS or email of any activity within your elected profile that has occurred on your facility. You must inform the Bank immediately of being notified by inContact that a suspicious transaction has occurred on your facilities and open a case at your nearest South African Police Service office. It is your responsibility to ensure that the cellphone or email details registered with inContact are correct.