Transact whenever you want online

Online Banking

With Online Banking you have access to a one-stop shop that is easy to use, intuitive and tailored to your personal needs. It is a simple, convenient and secure way of doing your banking. Online Banking enables you to manage your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can pay, transfer, trade, purchase, invest and view your accounts wherever you are in the world. The intuitive easy buttons and menu's make for an enhanced user experience.

Unwavering attention to your online security

We take safety and security very seriously. That's why we offer you free inContact messages, OTP notifications and WebrootTM protection software - as an added security layer to ensure that your banking transactions are conducted securely every time. Layered, seamless security will help keep your money safe without you even knowing about it.

But remember: Always ensure the site's web address is and check for the padlock symbol.

Visit our website regularly for the latest security warnings.

Using this simple online system, you can manage your money and have access to additional banking services such as:

  • PayPal
  • Foreign exchange
  • Share investing
  • LOTTO TM Services

And much more