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General Safety Tips

When using your credit card, safety and security is very important. Find out how to keep your card secure.

General PIN safety

  • Never disclose your PIN to anybody. You are the only person who should know this number.
  • Make sure that you memorise your PIN. Do not write it down on a piece of paper. If you have to write the number down, keep it in a safe place, separate from your card.
  • When choosing a PIN number, don't make it too easy for a thief to guess. Don't use your birthday or something simple like 1234.
  • Should you suspect that someone might have seen your PIN, ensure you change it via Online Banking. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Change your Online PIN and passwords regularly.

General card safety

  • Always keep your credit card safe.
  • When you use your card at an ATM, enter your PIN in such a way that no one can follow your keystrokes. If someone is standing too close to you and you feel you are being watched, rather walk away from the machine and draw money elsewhere.
  • When entering your PIN at a Point of Sale machine, make sure you cover the PIN pad with your other hand.

Am I protected?

  • RMB Private Bank's Lost Card protection protects you in the event of non-PIN related fraud on your account if your card is lost or stolen.
  • This means that any fraudulent transactions with your card, where the thief had knowledge of your PIN, even if you've reported the card as lost or stolen will not be covered by Lost Card Protection.
  • It is therefore imperative that you keep you PIN secret.
  • If you know that your PIN is safe and you'd like to inform the bank of any lost or stolen cards - all you need to do is report the loss or theft immediately to the dedicated, 24-hour, toll-free, Lost Card hotline on 087 575 9411 and provide written confirmation of this within 24 hours and you will not be held responsible for fraudulent transactions on your credit card.
  • Lost & stolen hotline: 087 575 9411.
  • Credit card fraud: 087 575 9411.