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Order your metal card

Follow these easy steps to order your metal card
On the app:
  1. Open the RMB Private Bank App
  2. Select 'Order your card today' then 'Fusion Account/Credit Account'
  3. Select 'Account options'
  4. Select 'My Cards'
  5. Select 'Add card' then 'Fusion Card/Credit Card'
  6. Select metal card option from the card type drop-down
  7. Complete the ordering process and schedule for delivery
On Online Banking:
  1. Log in to your Online Banking profile
  2. Go to 'Accounts'
  3. Select 'Fusion Account / Credit Account'
  4. Select 'Account options'
  5. Select 'My Cards'
  6. Go to 'Add card'
  7. Select 'Fusion Card/Credit Card'
  8. Select the option 'Metal card' from the card type drop-down
  9. Complete the ordering process and schedule your card delivery
You must have an RMB Private Bank Fusion or Credit Account.

You may only avail of the exclusive Metal Card, if you have an active RMB Private Bank Fusion Account.
Metal cards are optional and charged at R1 050 per card, which will be rebated for the first card if you are on eBucks Rewards Level 3 or above.

Terms, conditions and rules apply.


Now available in metal.
The exclusive metal card is resilient, durable and comes enabled with tap functionality. Be among the first to order this environmentally friendly metal card which offers a wide range of banking benefits.