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Where trusts have been set up, our fiduciary specialists will also act as independent professional trustees, providing services such as:

  • Managing the structures in place to make sure they are legally sound
  • Drafting all necessary documents
  • Providing support to the estate's heirs during the administration of the deceased's estate
  • Undertaking legacy planning reviews to ensure that any unforeseen circumstances are addressed and that it is updated throughout your various life stages

For your international requirements, we work closely with our offshore trust and offshore specialists in Guernsey and, when planning, we consider the entire estate. For example, should offshore funds be included in the trust and is an offshore Will required? Implementation may be undertaken by an offshore trust company. Our strategic thinking encompasses all assets worldwide and we always look at what's best for our clients. For instance, where a client already has an established international relationship, we will use this to our client's advantage.