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Residential Property Finance

At RMB Private Bank, we see your wealth and legacy management as a journey to creating your life-long legacy. If, as part of that legacy, you wish to purchase your dream home, a holiday house or investment property, we provide finance at a competitive interest rate, with convenient payment options and more our range of flexible lending products can be shaped to your advantage, taking account of your particular requirements, desired funding amount and objectives.

We specialise in residential lending structures, including home loans, structured loans, securities based loans, single facilities and building loans.

All of our lending products carry the following benefits:

  • A choice of fixed, variable or tiered interest rates
  • InContact messaging that alerts you of all activity on your account
  • Additional dedicated service for your day-to-day banking requirements through the Service Suite, available 24 hours a day
  • A dedicated Private Banker and access to a team of Fiduciary, Lending, Wealth Management and Foreign Exchange specialists
  • The ability to transact at no additional charge through our digital banking channels such as Online Banking and the RMB Private Bank App
  • Free card delivery and replacement, no annual card fees and free additional cards
  • Free debit order and salary switching
  • Smartphones and tablets at discounted prices over a 24-month period with 0% interest
  • The opportunity to earn points towards your eBucks rewards level. You could also get up to 40% off selected items in the eBucks Shop and on selected local and international flights, as well as on domestic car hire when you book through eBucks Lifestyle

Home Loan

Benefit from flexibility, convenience and more

Property is a great investment and the RMB Private Bank Home Loan provides you with the finance you need for any residential property, whether freehold or sectional title as well as for smallholdings of up to 8.5ha in an urban or peri-urban area and vacant stands in residential areas.

Benefit from the following features with an RMB Private Bank Home Loan:

  • Our Flexi Option, a financial management facility giving you convenient access to additional funds in your Home Loan Account through Online Banking, 24 hours a day
  • A choice of variable or fixed interest rates, with the variable rate linked to Prime
  • Automatic linking to Online Banking, allowing you to manage and transfer funds into and out of your Home Loan Account at any time, provided you have an RMB Private Bank Cheque Account
  • Discounted attorney fees, RMB Private Bank will pay your switching costs (registration / attorney fees up to the original bond amount)
  • By paying additional funds into your home loan account, you'll save interest. You'll also have access to the surplus funds 24/7. For added convenience, additional payments can be made via Online, Cellphone and Telephone Banking or the RMB Private Bank App on your smart device

Switch your Home Loan to RMB Private Bank

If you wish to transfer your existing bond to RMB Private Bank, we will streamline the process as much as possible for you, in addition we will pay for your switching costs - speak to your Banker to find out more.

Home Loan Fact Sheet

Structured Loan

Get secured financing for expanding your property portfolio and more

The Structured Loan differs primarily from a Home Loan in that it provides secured finance for larger property acquisitions and investments. A key benefit is that you are able to borrow against your other assets such as a share portfolio, cash, a paid-up property or investment portfolio in order to obtain more finance or to pay for a deposit. Used correctly, the Structured Loan can generate considerable savings especially if the return on the investment is higher than the interest rate on the loan.

The Structured Loan is ideal if you would like to invest in ventures such as:

  • The purchase of multiple properties to build a rental portfolio. The property finance will be consolidated under one loan, with one monthly service fee and interest rate, making it cheaper and easier to manage your investments and your debit balance. Because you have access to the full capital and you have already paid off a percentage of the loan, you have funds available when a new development opportunity arises and you don't need to repeat the bond application process
  • A business venture or investment. As a business loan usually doesn't provide 100% of financing, you could put your paid property up as collateral for a Structured Loan. And, as this loan is secured, you receive a lower interest rate than with a standard business loan

Enjoy convenience, flexibility and cost-effectiveness

The Structured Loan also offers you the following benefits:

  • The guidance of a team of specialists: your Private Banker will work with our Fiduciary, Lending, Wealth Management and Foreign Exchange specialists to advise how to best structure the loan to suit your requirements
  • Short-, medium-and long-term finance options to suit your needs, with a maximum term of 20 years
  • Different repayment options to suit your circumstances, your deal could be structured to be amortising or non-amortising, whichever suits your cash flow management better.
  • A choice of fixed, variable or tiered interest rates, with interest calculated on your debit balance
  • Access to the capital that you have already paid on your loan

Structured Loan Fact Sheet

Single Facility

The Single Facility is a true one account that simplifies your money management through debt consolidation. The facility works for you and provides you with added convenience by combining debit and credit balance functionality with transactional banking.

Enjoy simplified money management and more

The Single Facility combines a current account and loan account so that you no longer need to maintain these as two separate accounts. You can also enjoy convenience and cost saving through features such as:

  • A single balance at any one time: interest is calculated on your outstanding balance daily. So whenever the outstanding balance on your loan is reduced, you save on interest
  • Immediate access to your funds: get current account flexibility on your loan account. For example, debit order payments can be collected from this account, while deposits made into the account will save you interest at the rate charged on the facility
  • The ability to manage your finances as your short-term cash flow fluctuates and your financial circumstances change
  • Tiered interest rates on your credit balance
  • Individually priced interest rates on your debit balance
  • An option to nominate additional users on your facility
  • A variety of fee structures (for more details, see the RMB Private Bank Pricing Guide)

Single Facility Fact Sheet

Residential Building Loan

In building your life-long legacy, you may require finance to invest in a residential property, build a new home or improve your current one. Whether you're investing or upgrading, the Building Loan can be adapted to suit your needs and objectives.

Flexibility helps you attain your property investment goals

Our Building Loan incorporates a range of flexible features to allow for your unique circumstances and objectives in acquiring or growing property as part of your legacy. For instance, the loan will enable you to:

  • Build your home according to your specifications using a NHBRC registered builder
  • Buy in selected new residential developments with a choice of design, price and finishes to suit your needs (excluding Sectional Title units)
  • Build, alter, personalise and increase the value of your property if you have just bought a property and do not have funds at your disposal

Residential Building Loan Fact Sheet

How to apply

You can apply for lending through your RMB Private Banker or if you do not have a Banker, you can contact the RMB Private Bank Service Suite for assistance in making an application. You will be asked to complete the Application Form and provide us with the offer to purchase, valid South African ID or passport, proof of current residential address, proof of income and financial information (statement of assets and liabilities, business financial statements and bank statements).