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  1. An unsecured credit limit in which you have instant access to your funds
  2. A personalised interest rate
  3. You will only be charged if you utilise your overdraft
  4. Should you already have an overdraft, you may qualify for an increase
  5. Contact your Private Bank Advisor if you wish to apply for an overdraft
View the Overdraft Facility Terms and Conditions


Temporary Loan

A short-term loan which should be repaid in 31 days, where any deposits into your RMB Private Bank Current Account will be used to pay-off the loan amount


Revolving Loan

Once you have repaid 15% of your original loan amount, you will again have access to those funds without having to re-apply for credit.

Cheque Account

Our exclusive offering for your spouse/life partner enables your loved one to enjoy the benefits of our private banking and wealth advice.

Your spouse/life partner will enjoy the benefits of a single discounted monthly account fee for an all-inclusive bundle of transactional products, which includes:
  • RMB Private Bank Cheque Account
  • RMB Private Bank Credit Card and linked Petro Card
  • Overdraft
  • Securities Online Trading Account
  • Securities Global Trading Account
  • Global Account
  • FNB Channel Islands Current Account
All for only: R299 p/m

Note: This pricing option is only applicable to individuals, joint accounts do not apply.
Download the pricing guide

If your spouse/life partner maintains a credit balance of at least R100 000.00 on this pricing option throughout the month, their monthly account fee will be rebated.

Click here to download the brochure

  • Only one spouse/life partner per main account holder.
  • The Spousal Cheque Account must be linked to a main account holder or standard pricing will apply.

A Private Bank Advisor

A Private Bank Advisor, supported by a team of experts

Your Private Bank Advisor gains and maintains an understanding of your balance sheet and wealth needs and objectives. Wherever necessary, your Private Bank Advisor draws on the skills of our experienced team of specialists, ensuring ongoing, superior private banking and advice-led wealth management.

24/7 Service Suite access

The Service Suite is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with your day-to-day banking needs such as:
  • General banking queries
  • Banking transactions
  • Fraud queries
  • Card renewals/activations or cancellations
  • Official bank letters required by institutions (eg, Visa letters)

A world of rewards

eBucks Rewards is one of South Africa's most unique rewards programmes, focused on delivering real and meaningful value. As a qualifying RMB Private Bank cardholder, you could earn eBucks at the highest reward rate.

eBucks Lifestyle

eBucks Lifestyle offers you a dedicated Lifestyle Assistant to help with travel arrangements including flights, car rental, accommodation, gifting services, dining reservations and more. You also enjoy Priority Pass which gives you access to 700 airport lounges worldwide.

Airport lounge access

As an RMB Private Bank client, you have access to the SLOW Lounges as well as Bidvest Premier Lounges.

AA Emergency Roadside Assistance

With an RMB Petro Card you get free AA Emergency Roadside Assistance with the promise of exceptional service, trustworthiness and the speediest possible resolution.

For more in-depth information visit

RMB Private Bank Account for your Spouse / Life Partner

Existing customers can now invite their spouse or life partner to experience the same level of benefits, rewards, private banking service and wealth advice that they have become accustomed to, regardless of their spouses income. Your spouse/life partner will enjoy the benefits of a 50% discounted monthly fee for a portfolio of products, which include:
  • RMB Private Bank Fusion Account
  • FNB Money Maximiser Account2
  • FNB Global Account with a complimentary Global Account Card3
  • FNB Private Wealth Non-Trading Juristic Account4
  • FNB Structured Loan5
They would also have the opportunity for their monthly fees to be waived/rebated on the following products:
  • FNB Channel Islands Current Account6
  • FNB Securities Local Trader Account7
To apply, complete the call me back form.
Terms, conditions and rules apply.
1Only one spouse per household will be eligible for the spousal pricing option
2 A minimum opening deposit of R100 000 is required to activate the account and must be maintained to continue earning interest. For transactional pricing on Money Maximiser, please refer to the "Savings and Investments pricing guide" on our website
3 Fees are applicable to foreign exchange transactions
4 Only applicable on Pay-As-You-Use Pricing option for one FNB Private Bank Non-Trading Juristic Account
5 Only applicable to the facility fee for one Structured Loan Account for one property
6 A minimum balance of at least €2 500 must be maintained in your FNB Channel Islands Current Account.
7 A minimum balance of at least R25 000 must be maintained in your Securities Local Trader Account. The monthly account fee will be charged to your account and reversed in the following month

FNBy Account

FNBy is here to help with step-by-step guides and great benefits. From a fully functional account that can be used for day-to-day banking to a savings account with great interest rates - FNBy is the full banking solution!

It is never too early to start learning about money and how to manage it.
  • Designed specifically for youth younger than 25.
  • No monthly account fee for under 18s and only R10 per month for over 18s.
  • FNB Banking App subscription.
Go to FNBy to find out more
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Current Account

The RMB Private Bank Current Account gives you access to a Private Advisor supported by a team of experts to partner with you and your family to assist you to achieve your future legacy. And because we know how important your family are to you, we offer your spouse or life partner the same Private banking experience at a reduced monthly fee with our RMB Private Spousal Current Account


The RMB Private Bank Current Account gives you access to a Private Advisor supported by a team of experts to partner with you and your family to assist you to achieve your future aspirations and build your legacy. And because we know how important your family are to you, we offer your spouse or life partner the same Private Banking experience at a reduced monthly fee with our RMB Private Bank Spousal Current Account.


Specialised for you

RMB Private Bank offers transactional banking for clients who earn R750 000 per annum or have a net asset value in excess of R15 million with a unique rewards programme, specialised and structured lending, wealth and investment management, and estate planning.
With a focus on wealth and legacy management, and based on an in-depth understanding of your needs and aspirations, RMB Private Bank will create a solid financial plan to help you manage, grow, protect and enjoy your wealth for now and future generations.
If your RMB Private Bank Current Account is on the Bundled Pricing option, you pay no monthly fees for an FNB Global Account, and an FNB Securities Online Trading Account.

Do more for your family

We know how important family is. Which is why we have designed our
banking solutions to be all the help your family needs!


Now your spouse/life partner can enjoy the same exclusively designed Private Banking experience that you have become accustomed to, at a reduced monthly fee.


FNBy is for your kids, teens and young adults. Like most things, the journey to becoming fnancially responsible requires practice. And the sooner your children begin to understand how money works, the better they'll get at managing it.


Get Rewarded

Elevate your rewards. Earn up to 3% back in eBucks on your in-store and online shopping with RMB Private Bank and much more.


Elite status

RMB Private Bank clients receive an exclusive black RMB Private Bank Debit Card with enhanced in-store security (Visa chip and PIN technology) and a world of benefits.

At the heart of our engagement model is your own Private Bank Advisor together with a team of Fiduciary, Lending, Wealth Management and Foreign Exchange specialists who, through intrinsic insight into the unique challenges that you and your family face, construct specialised solutions and advice for you.


Extend your cashflow


An unsecured credit limit in which you have instant access to your funds


A short-term loan which should be repaid in 31 days


Get access to funds without having to re-apply for credit



A Savings Account (Savings Pocket) linked to your RMB Private Bank Current Account keeps your savings separate and offers a competitive interest rate on your credit balance


Bank Your Change™ automatically rounds up the value of the purchase made with your card and transfers the difference directly into your Savings Account so you save while you spend


Exclusive Black Debit Card

Card delivery and replacement at no charge

No annual card fees

Additional cards at no charge

Access to overdraft facility

Debit order and salary switching at no charge


inContact alerts you of account activity

Online Secure for safer online shopping

Card maintenance

Everything you need. Nothing but the virtual card

Create and pay with your own virtual card - it's a faster and more secure way to pay online and in-store. The CVV number changes every hour and you still earn eBucks along the way.


  1. Create and view the virtual card
  2. Get an unlimited number of virtual cards at no extra cost
  3. Add the virtual card to your payment methods
  4. Pay online using virtual card details


Get instant insurance for items purchased with your virtual card at no cost to you.

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RMB Private Bank Current Account

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  1. Earn R750 000 or more per annum
  2. Have a net asset value in excess of R15 million


  • Your South African ID book/birth certificate
  • Proof of residential address (e.g. original council or telephone bill reflecting your name and address)