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Business Accounts

Features of the RMB Private Bank Cheque Account

RMB Private Business Account

One dedicated point of contact for your Individual and business banking needs. There are enough complicated and time-consuming factors in any business without your bank account being one of them. Our business banking products have been structured so you can get more bank, do more business. This affords us the opportunity to offer you and your business an integrated transactional platform so you can focus on managing, growing and protecting your business' finances - both locally and globally.

Underlining this, you'll be able to earn significant rewards for your business through our eBucks Rewards for Business programme.

If you bank with RMB Private Bank in your individual capacity and need a business account, you are eligible to open a RMB Private Bank Business Account, which is suited to any type of business entity or non-personal form of ownership. It is a flexible and simple way to do all of your business transactions hassle-free and pay for the day-to-day operations of your business.


  • Your RMB Private Bank Business Visa Cheque Card can be used internationally and gives qualifying cardholders unlimited access to SLOW Domestic Lounges, SLOW International and SLOW in the City.
  • You can empower your staff by issuing them with a company card with restricted functionality to protect your business information and funds in the account.
  • You can also get linked Petrol Cards with FREE AA Emergency Roadside Assistance for roadside emergencies.
  • Create a secure password with Online Secure™ to ensure that online transactions on third-party websites are secure and protect your RMB Private Bank Business Visa Cheque card against fraudulent online use at NO extra cost.
  • Qualifying clients also benefit from eBucks Rewards for Business.
  • Our electronic banking solution, Online Banking Enterprise™, caters for enterprise-specific solutions such as dual authorisation, Payments and Collections, and eWallet Pro.
  • InContact-Pro allows you to track your financial transactions across all of your RMB Private Bank accounts by means of instant SMS or email. You will be informed of all purchases and withdrawals over R100, and will be able to view your available balances.
  • Keep digital records of your business' transactions for FREE by getting email statements sent straight to your inbox and access electronic copies of your paid cheques on Online Banking for Business.
  • We will switch your recipients and debit orders for you.
  • With My Limit Alert, My Balance Alert and Scheduled Payment Alert you can always be aware of what's happening with your bank accounts, which enables you to transact and plan accordingly.
  • Instant Accounting enables you to prepare your business' financial statement for FREE.
  • FNB Merchant Services provides specialised card payment acceptance, reconciliation and settlement services across all delivery channels.


  • A Free Savings Account (Savings Pocket) linked to your RMB Private Bank Business Cheque Account: keep your savings separate from your day-to-day-banking, while you enjoy easy access to your money and a competitive interest rate on your credit balance.


  • An overdraft offers you access to short-term credit linked to a personalised overdraft rate, so you'll have money for working capital management (subject to approval)


Do more and get more from eBucks Rewards for Business. A rewards programme that has been reshaped with today's business owner in mind...

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Banking with RMB Private Bank gives you access to other great solutions such as Forex, Online Banking and Asset Based Lending.