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Foreign Exchange Solutions for Wealth Clients

Forex from RMB Private Bank. Quick, easy, secure and innovative... why go anywhere else?

Clients are offered tailored and unique foreign exchange solutions

Forex understands that clients have unique foreign exchange requirements and therefore have a wide range of foreign exchange product options and services available to suit our clients' individual needs. We offer end to end solutions that deliver value, convenience and ease of use to all our clients, from vacation and business travellers to importers and exporters.

Enjoy professional and personalised service

Nowadays people commute regularly and in the global economy money doesn't respect borders or boundaries. Our Forex offering offers both travel and payment solutions via a team of highly skilled individuals. The Wealth Forex Advisory Team provides clients with hassle-free travel and payment services and specialised foreign exchange advice with an assurance of a prompt response to client needs.


  • We offer the following travel solutions: foreign notes in all major currencies (other currencies on request), prepaid travel cards and remember you can pay in advance for reservations such as car hire, cruises and theatre tickets, etc. using Online Banking.
  • You can purchase foreign exchange up to 60 days prior to departure.
  • We offer omnibus facilities for business accounts.
  • Direct payment option: If you have an offshore bank account, we can transfer your travel allowance directly offshore within 60 days of your travelling.

Note: As an individual, over the age of 18, you are entitled to a travel allowance that forms part of the annual discretionary allowance and standard exchange control requirements are applicable.

Send Money

  • We offer various payment solutions for sending money abroad including electronic payments via Online Banking, MoneyGram™ and PayPal™.
  • We will require all of the beneficiary's details and the reason for your payments.
  • Depending on the reason for your transaction, you may need to supply supporting documentation.

Receive Money

  • We offer various payment solutions when receiving money abroad including electronic payments via Online Banking, MoneyGram™ and PayPal™.
  • You will have up to 30 days to convert your funds into Rands (only foreign payments).
  • You can convert online or we can convert your funds for you upon receipt.
  • You need to provide the sender with the SWIFT Code FIRNZAJJ.
  • You can give Forex the authority to convert funds on your behalf as soon as we received the funds so you never have to wait again. The funds can then be deposited into your account immediately.


  • When investing abroad, we will assist you with all of the documentation that you require.
  • Tax certificates are required when using your foreign investment allowance.
  • Using your discretionary allowance allows you the flexibility of investing without a tax certificate.
  • If you are not yet sure of where you wish to invest your funds, you can hold your available funds in a foreign currency account until you are ready. There are various options available to suit your needs.


  • A money transfer service used to do cross-border, person-to-person payments. It's an affordable, reliable, fast and convenient way to send or receive money cross-border.
  • It is available at all FNB branches, via FNB ATMs and on Cellphone Banking


  • PayPal™ is a secure global online payment system that allows you to receive payments, pay for goods and send money in 21 currencies without revealing your financial information.
  • Through Online Banking, you can withdraw the funds you have received into your PayPal™ account to any South African bank account.
  • You can also top-up funds to your PayPal™ account from your qualifying RMB Private Bank account to shop online or make payments, in less than 10 minutes.

Imports and Exports

  • We offer import and export solutions to suit your cross-border transactional needs and help protect you from risks while expediting payments.
  • Open account payments are ideal for longstanding trading relationships with parties you trust.
  • When exporting, Advance Payments are an inexpensive way to trade and it offers you the safety of receiving payment before dispatching the goods.
  • Trade-related payment methods: Documentary Credit (Letters of Credit), Foreign bills for collection and Guarantees.
  • Apply for new Letter of Credit applications as well as view or amend existing applications via Business Online Banking.
  • Guidance on selecting Incoterms® rules online. (Incoterms® rules are used to communicate tasks, costs and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods.)
  • Hedging instruments: Customer Foreign Currency Accounts (CFC) and Forward Exchange Contracts.

Regulatory Services

Access to expert assistance covering a wide range of foreign exchange and exchange control matters comprising the following:

  • Offshore investment by individuals and their companies
  • Inward investment by non-resident individuals
  • Regulatory impact of residential status
  • Transactional advice for cross-border transactions, including the managing of foreign currency exposure
  • Preparation and submission of applications to the SA Reserve Bank
  • Advice on the current regulatory environment, incorporating both simple and complex transactions, involving individuals, companies and trusts, etc.
  • Emigration and immigration

eBucks Rewards

  • Consumer and business customers earn up to 50% back in eBucks on their transaction charges when they send and receive money in a foreign currency via Online Banking.
  • Consumer and business customers who receive money from abroad and agree to a standing instruction, where Forex converts the foreign currency into ZAR on their behalf, receive up to 50% back in eBucks on their transaction charges

Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact Forex for all your foreign exchange solutions.

  • Call our Forex Advisory Team on 0860 4 FOREX (36739)
  • Call your Private Banker

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