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Appoint an expert
to manage the process


Experienced executors to manage the process

As legislation pertaining to estate administration is complex and designed primarily to protect beneficiaries and creditors, it's essential to appoint an experienced executor to manage this process.
We offer estate administration services where we have been nominated as executor in a will or through a power of attorney appointment.


Our Trust Service will act as an estate administrator

Assistance when you need it the most

Where the nominated executor no longer resides in South Africa (only current residents may be appointed).
Where the nominated executor passed away prior to the deceased or is unable or unwilling to fulfill the appointment.
Where the deceased died intestate, or without leaving a valid last will and testament.

Acting on your behalf

As executor of the deceased's last valid will and testament, or on a power of attorney basis where the nominated executor is a layperson who has no knowledge of the administration of deceased estates.


Protect beneficiaries and creditors with estate administration

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