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Ensure that your wealth never retires

We understand that life changes as you retire. You may engage in new activities and interests, or even want to start a business. We also know that your financial needs have become increasingly complex, requiring holistic engagement and investment advice.
We are here to help you as you venture into this new chapter of your life. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a solution designed specifically to cater towards your unique needs, post retirement.
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Enjoy access to a team of experts

Now you can easily access financial advice with our team of specialists who are able to view your financial position holistically, giving you the ability to stretch your investment returns and help you to make the most out of your wealth.

Invest to achieve your retirement goals

You may receive a lump-sum payout from your retirement savings when you retire. Let us help you manage your investments to ensure you have sufficient income over the upcoming years, allowing you to enjoy your retirement.


Easily invest your money that was saved
in a pension, provident, preservation or
retirement fund.


Cash investments are an important part
of a diversified investment portfolio
given that the capital and returns are
100% guaranteed.

Invest with us & get more

Bring your investments to RMB Private Bank and we will reduce or
remove your monthly transactional account fees.
PLUS: Earn double eBucks reward level points when you invest with
RMB Private Bank
Invest R1,000,000 and get 50% off your monthly account fee, or
invest R2,000,000 and get 100% off.

We can assist you in purchasing
a property

  • Get up to 100% loan to the value of the mortgage finance
  • Preferential interest rate on your mortgage
  • Receive a discount on bond registration attorney fees
  • No early settlement fees on bond cancellation where your property has
    been financed through RMB Private Bank for 3 years or longer
  • Receive 50% of your first basic monthly instalment back in eBucks on your
    home loan when you apply directly with RMB Private Bank.
>Suretyship lending


with your everyday banking

In addition to banking for free when you invest with us, you also receive the benefits from your RMB Private Bank Fusion and RMB Private Bank Cheque Accounts.


Maintain your everyday banking needs.


Personalised interest rates


FREE prepaid airtime purchases


Free eBucks Rewards membership


Free subscription to inContact.


Access convenience and unlock greater value.

With us you get rewarded in your retirement

Our rewards programme has been tailored to suit the changing needs of our retired clients. Working together with key eBucks partners, you will have access to a focused rewards programme and superior benefits, allowing you to make the most out of your rewards.
Save with great discounts
  • Earn eBucks for doing everyday things.
  • Get discounts of up to 40% on selected products
    and vouchers including up to 15% back with Clicks
Use your eBucks on just about anything
  • Spend your eBucks to shop at the eBucks shop or
    with our partners
Earn eBucks when making purchases. Plus, earn double
eBucks points when you invest with RMB Private Bank*.
* Rules apply.


We can help with guidance & support

We are here to provide advice and assistance on how to structure your affairs to ensure that you can leave behind the legacy that you have created. In addition we can assist you with a professionally drafted last Will and Testament, for free.
Let our team of expert executors minimise the stress associated with settling your estate by guiding and supporting your family through the complex deceased estate administration process at a discounted fee*.
*Based on an assessment of your assets and complexity of your estate.


Retirement solutions



You need to be 60 years or older to access our retirement solution.


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>Terms and conditions

Bank better

  • Deposit and access your funds to pay for your debit orders, payments and cash needs
  • Free unlimited card purchases (swipes or tap - contactless payments)
  • Get up to 30 days interest free on your RMB Private Bank Fusion Credit Card purchases
  • Free payments and transfers (RMB Private Bank App, Online Banking, Cellphone Banking)
  • Personalised interest rates on your facility

Credit card benefits

  • Up to 55 days interest free on credit card purchases made on the straight facility
  • Personalised/preferential interest rates
  • Cover for those unexpected medical expenses by having the option to move these transactions to budget, over 6 months, at a promotional interest rate of prime
  • Autopayment options are available

What you get for free

  • FREE prepaid airtime purchases using the RMB Private Bank App and Online Banking
  • FREE Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance when you purchase return air tickets with your RMB Private Bank Fusion or Credit Card
  • FREE Automatic Debt Protection in the event of death or permanent disability on your credit card
  • FREE budget facility of up to 60 months with the option to structure your credit between straight and budget on your credit card

Reward yourself

  • Free eBucks Rewards membership
  • Access exclusive promotional interest rates on Apple devices, Cycle Lab and The Pro Shop hardware on your credit card

Easy to manage and maintain

  • Free subscription to inContact, get notified of funds going in and out of your account
  • Transact safely and conveniently, on the RMB Private Bank App and Online Banking
  • Use the RMB Private Bank App to increase or decrease your credit facility limit, temporarily block your card or manage your card

Unlock more value

  • Access to convenient help any time via Secure Chat® and a dedicated Service Suite or Private Banker to help manage your money
  • Access nav» Money on the RMB Private Bank App to keep track of your money
  • Access to Wellness Benefits via nav» Wellness on the RMB Private Bank App

Living Annuity (LA)

  • Easily invest your money that was saved in a pension, provident, preservation or retirement fund
  • Structure your retirement to suit your specific income needs choosing to receive an income of between 2.5% and 17.5% p.a.
  • Continue participating in the market after retirement
  • All capital gains, dividends and interest earned is tax free however, tax is paid on the income drawn from your LA at your marginal tax rate.

Fixed deposits

  • Cash investments are an important part of a diversified investment portfolio given that the capital and returns are 100% guaranteed.
  • Fixed deposits are popular among retirees since your cash can be invested over a longer term, guaranteeing both capital and growth, so your investment remains safe and continues to grow.
  • Investors know in advance the amount of interest they will earn, providing peace of mind.
  • The interest rates increase the higher the amount invested and the longer the term, so returns can be optimised.
  • Preferential interest rates are paid on your fixed deposits of 12 months and longer, provided you hold a qualifying cheque account, which could add a significant amount in interest returns, to ensure investment growth or monthly income supplements in uncertain times.
  • You can opt to have the monthly interest paid out to supplement your income and to have cash available for emergencies.

Suretyship lending is also available to you so you can:

  • Leverage the equity in your existing property to assist your child/children purchase a property, by standing surety on the home loan
  • Leverage the equity in your existing property by standing as surety to gain access to finance, while setting up your child as the borrower on the home loan