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Single Facility benefits

  • Current account flexibility on your loan account. For example, debit order payments can be collected from this account while deposits made into the account will save you interest at the rate charged on your facility
  • Better management of your finances to allow for fluctuation of your short-term cash flow as your financial circumstances change
  • A debit card, fuel card and cheque book all linked to one account, with the ability to link multiple cards and cheque books
    Internet, telephone and cellphone banking
  • Tiered preferential interest rates on your credit balance
  • Individually priced interest rates on your debit balance
  • The option to nominate additional users on your facility
  • A choice of pricing options. The transactional pricing option has a minimal monthly fee and each transaction performed attracts a charge. The greater of the monthly fee or sum of transactional charges is debited to the account monthly. With the monthly flat fee option, you pay a monthly fee and your first 50 transactions are free. For a detailed pricing guide. Please note that certain transactions are charged for in addition to the monthly fee
  • eBucks earned on point-of-sale purchases
  • inContact, an innovative messaging system keeping you up to date on transactions
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Maximise your investment
in commercial property

We provide finance for commercial investment properties, office, industrial and retail property developments, residential and upmarket housing developments, owneroccupied commercial properties and upmarket residential developments.


Use debt consolidation to your benefit

Our Single Facility is an all-encompassing "one" account that uses debt consolidation to your benefit. It offers both debit and credit balance functionality together with transactional banking and preferential interest rates. You no longer need to maintain separate current and loan accounts as the Single Facility combines these into one.
The Single Facility has a single balance at any one time. As interest is calculated on your outstanding balance daily, whenever the outstanding balance on your loan is reduced, you save interest


Commerical Property Finance

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