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Marital status
Your marriage contract can have an impact on your Will and estate calculation.
Review regularly
Your Will and estate calculation should be reviewed on an ongoing basis (consider the birth of a child, buying property, divorce etc.).
Keep a file with your personal inventory and important documents to assist your family when reporting your death.
Your business
Make sure you've thought about any business interests and what will happen to them.
Get it signed
A Will is only valid if signed and witnessed correctly.
Offshore planning
Consider your offshore assets and whether you need a separate offshore Will.
Download now

Draft a Will

using the RMB Private Bank App

Plus, get a personalised estate calculation to see if what you leave behind will be enough to support the ones you love.


An up-to-date last Will and testament is essential to protect and manage your legacy after you have passed on. It guarantees that your estate is distributed according to your wishes, ensuring that the interests of your loved ones are taken care of without any unnecessary delays in the administration of your estate.
For your convenience, you're able to use our online facility or app to draft and print your Will with ease.
Factors to take into consideration when drafting your Will

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The easiest way to draft and secure your Will

You can now draft your Will and do a personalised calculation on the RMB Private Bank App in your own time and convenience.
As an RMB Private Bank client, we will collect your original signed Will and keep it in safekeeping at no additional cost. It will be reviewed by our team of experts, ensuring it conforms to and is executed according to legislation.

Drafting your Will is easy

  1. Log onto the RMB Private Bank App
  2. Select the nav-igate life icon
  3. Select nav» Money
  4. Select the 'My Will + Legacy' icon


Protect your legacy with a last will and testament

Download now
Start now - log in to your Online Banking, select 'Wills' then 'Get started' and follow the easy steps


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