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Download the RMB Private Bank App

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Bank wherever the app takes you

Banking on the app is a fast, easy and convenient way to transact from the comfort of your home, or on the move.
Everything you need is at your fingertips. From everyday banking to paying for in-store purchases without cash or a card.


Always know what your money is doing

Want to know the latest movement in your accounts? Simply
login to view the balances of all your accounts linked to your
banking profile.

Accounts are grouped into day-to-day accounts, investments,
loans and rewards for ease of use.

For more details on money going in and out of your account,
view your transaction history.


Stay balanced and move your funds

Transfer funds between your accounts in a few easy steps. Select 'Transfer', check the applicable accounts and change if necessary. Next, enter the amount and reference. Select 'Transfer' and you're done.
View your transfer history for transactions of up to 3 months.*

*Limited to 150 entries


Don't let bills slow you down

Choose the way you want to do your payments. Choose from once-off to paying a public recipient, where you select from a list of existing public entities (e.g. SARS, Eskom).

Do the following payment types

  • Payments to beneficiaries
  • Create and edit payment beneficiaries
  • Once-off Payments
  • Public recipients (e.g. SARS, Edcon, Telkom)
  • View payments history and repeat payments
  • RMB Pay at any contactless point of sale
  • Global Forex payments and receipts
  • Send money with eWallet to any cellphone
  • Send money to Mozambique or Zimbabwe


You have their number.
Now send them money.

Need to pay someone but they do not have a bank account?
All you need is their cellphone number to send money to anyone
in SA, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho or Swaziland.


Get cash in your pocket with the app in hand

Misplaced your wallet and need cash fast?
Use the Banking App to withdraw cash without a card.


Let your money do the

Need to do a sure payment abroad?
Add a recipient, or make a once-off payment using Global
Payments and earn up to 50% back in eBucks on transaction
charges when sending or receiving foreign currency.
View Global Payments History to manage your transactions.


Send or receive money to someone within reach

Need to pay someone or receive money without having to add their bank account details?
If they are within 50 m of you and have the Banking App on their smarthphone, GEO payments allows you to do the transaction safely and conveniently from one device to another.


Manage your accounts on the go

Card management

  • Order cards
  • Cancel cards
  • Update/increase limits
  • Upgrade cards
  • View PIN

Debit orders & cheques

  • View list of debit orders
  • Stop debit orders
  • Reverse debit orders
  • Stop cheques

Account settings

  • Email statements
  • Change account nickname


RMB Private Bank App

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