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Switching made easy

Experience the future of helpful innovation with the latest version of the RMB Private Bank App that allows you to switch with a selfie, schedule your courier card delivery and verify your address using maps, while keeping track of your application process with in-app messages all from one app.

Switch with a selfie

Switching to RMB Private Bank is now easier and faster than ever thanks to innovative technology that allows us to fast track your application process by verifying your identity with the Department of Home Affairs.*
Download the RMB Private Bank App today and smile, snap and switch.
* You must have a valid RSA ID and be registered at the Department of Home Affairs

Card delivery on your terms

Order your card and schedule courier delivery straight from our app.

Keeping you in the loop

Our app messaging feature will keep you in the loop of every step of your application process so you know once your account has been fully set up.