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RMB Private Bank Cheque Account

Features of the RMB Private Bank Cheque Account

RMB Private Bank Cheque Account
RMB Private Bank offers transactional banking for clients who earn R1.5 million per annum or have a net asset value in excess of R15 million with a unique rewards programme, specialised and structured lending, wealth and investment management, and estate planning. With a focus on wealth and legacy management, and based on an in-depth understanding of your needs and aspirations, RMB Private Bank will create a solid financial plan to help you manage, grow, protect and enjoy your wealth for now and future generations.

Features of the RMB Private Bank Cheque Account
Service and access

  • A dedicated Private Banker and access to a team of Fiduciary, Lending, Wealth Management and Foreign Exchange Specialists
  • Access to the 24/7 Service Suite
  • Transact via our innovative self-service electronic channels Online Banking, Tablet Banking App, Mobile Banking App & Cellphone Banking
  • Free subscription to our self-service electronic channels
  • Access to the RMB Private Bank Cheque Account for your Spouse or Life Partner

Card features

  • Exclusive black RMB Private Bank Cheque Card with enhanced in-store security - Visa Chip and Pin technology
  • Safer online shopping - Online Secure requires a One Time PIN (OTP) that is sent to your cellphone to validate your purchases
  • Free card delivery and replacement, (no annual card Fees)
  • Free additional cards

Account features

  • InContact messaging that alerts you of any account activity
  • An overdraft facility where the client has instant access to their funds as well as a linked personalised overdraft rate
  • Free Debit Order and salary switching to your new RMB Private Bank Cheque Account

Pricing Features

  • No monthly account fee when you maintain a credit balance of at least R100 000 in your cheque account throughout the month
  • If your RMB Private Bank Cheque Account is on the Bundled Pricing option, you pay no monthly fees for an FNB Global Account, and an FNB Securities Online Trading Account

Make every cent count

  • A free Savings Account (Savings Pocket) linked to your RMB Private Bank Cheque Account keeps your savings separate and offers a competitive interest rate on your credit balance
  • Bank your Change automatically rounds up the value of the purchase made with your card and transfers the difference directly into your Savings Account so you save while you spend!

Short Term Credit

  • An unsecured credit limit in which you have instant access to your funds
  • A personalised interest rate
  • You will only be charged if you utilise your overdraft
  • Should you already have an overdraft, you may qualify for an increase
  • Contact your Private Banker if you wish to apply for an overdraft

View the Overdraft Facility Terms and Conditions

Temporary Loan

  • A short-term loan which should be repaid in 31 days, where any deposits into your RMB Private Bank Cheque Account will be used to pay-off the loan amount

Revolving Loan

  • Once you have repaid 15% of your original loan amount, you will again have access to those funds without having to re-apply for credit.

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Click here for the Transactional Terms & Conditions