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Secured financing for expanding your property portfolio

The Structured Loan differs primarily from a Home Loan in that it provides secured finance for larger property acquisitions and investments. A key benefit is that you are able to borrow against your other assets such as a share portfolio, cash, a paid-up property or investment portfolio in order to obtain more finance or to pay for a deposit. Used correctly, the Structured Loan can generate considerable savings especially if the return on the investment is higher than the interest rate on the loan.


Seamless services for larger property acquisitions

  • A choice of fixed, variable or tiered interest rates
  • InContact messaging that alerts you of all activity on your account
  • Additional dedicated service for your day-to-day banking requirements through the Service Suite, available 24 hours a day
  • A dedicated Private Banker and access to a team of Fiduciary, Lending, Wealth Management and Foreign Exchange specialists
  • Transact cost-free through our digital banking channels
  • Free card delivery and replacement, no annual card fees and free additional cards
  • Free debit order and salary switching
  • Smart devices at discounted prices over a 24-month period with 0% interest
  • Up to 40% off selected eBucks Shop items, selected local and international flights, as well as on domestic car hire when you book through eBucks Lifestyle


Everything you will need


Your Private Banker will work with our Fiduciary, Lending, Wealth Management and Foreign Exchange specialists to best structure the loan to suit your requirements.


Short, medium and long-term finance options to suit your needs, with a maximum term of 20 years.


To suit your circumstances. Your deal could be structured to be amortising or nonamortising, whichever suits your cash flow management better.


A choice of fixed, variable or tiered interest rates, with interest calculated on your debit balance.


Have access to the capital that you have already paid on your loan.


Hassle free investment

Multi-property purchases

The purchase of multiple properties to build a rental portfolio. The property finance will be consolidated under one loan, with one monthly service fee and interest rate, making it cheaper and easier to manage your investments and your debit balance. Because you have access to the full capital and you have already paid off a percentage of the loan, you have funds available when a new development opportunity arises and you don't need to repeat the bond application process.

Business venture or investment

As a business loan usually doesn't provide 100% of financing, you could put your paid property up as collateral for a Structured Loan. And, as this loan is secured, you receive a lower interest rate than with a standard business loan.

>Sturctured Loan Fact Sheet


Structured Loan

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  • Contact your Private Banker
  • Contact the RMB Private Bank Service Suite


  • Application form
  • Offer to purchase
  • Valid South African ID or passport
  • Proof of current residential address
  • Proof of income
  • Assets and liabilities statement
  • Business financial statements
  • Bank statements