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Info for Merchants

Setup your business for contactless payments
If you already accept credit or debit cards, all you need is an industry standard contactless-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminal that facilitates retail or forecourt transactions in a merchant environment.

How it works

All it takes is one tap. To make a payment in-store, simply tap the back of your smartphone on the card machine. For payments over a certain amount, you'll need to enter your card PIN.
Simply unlock your smartphone with your device passcode (pattern, password, PIN or fingerprint).
Tap your phone on the card machine*. You may need to hold the phone down for a few seconds. *Please note your smartphone must be unlocked for payment to be successful.
Your phone will vibrate once for a successful payment and you will receive a push notifcation. For payments over a certain amount you will need to enter your PIN on the card machine.

About Zapper QR code usage

RMB Private Bank customers will no longer be able to scan Zapper QR codes to make payments using the RMB Private Bank App.
This is due to Zapper ending their interoperability with the Masterpass network.
As an RMB Private Bank customer you can still enjoy Scan to Pay on the RMB Private Bank App at numerous retailers & merchants where QR code payments are accepted, including Checkers, Engen, Pick n Pay, Shoprite and Takealot.

How it works

Just grab your smartphone to start:
  1. Login to the RMB Private Bank App
  2. Go to 'Payments', then 'RMB Pay' then 'Scan to Pay'
  3. Scan the merchant's QR code
  4. Select card to pay from and enter amount
  5. Confirm the payment




(To access this screen, unlock your device and swipe to the right)
  1. On your device's "Today Screen/Widget Screen", scroll to the bottom and select "Edit".
  2. Add the "Scan to Pay" widget, position it towards the top of the list and select "Done".
  3. Select the newly added Scan to Pay widget and follow the prompts to set it up.
  4. Once successfully set up, you can select "Close" on the "Success Screen".
  5. When ready to make a payment, access your "Today Screen/Widget Screen" and select the Scan to Pay widget.
  6. The RMB App will launch, log in and scan the QR Code.


(To access this screen, hold down onto an empty space on your home screen and access the "RMB App" in the widget menu)
  1. From your device's "Widget Home Screen" select the "RMB App" widget
  2. The RMB App will automatically open, select "Scan to Pay".
  3. The successful widget setup confirmation screen will be displayed.
  4. Select "close".
  5. When you are ready to make a payment, select "Scan to Pay" from your device home screen.
  6. Log into the RMB App and scan the QR Code.



Hold/press down on the RMB App icon on your device.
  • The following shortcuts will be displayed: Scan to Pay, Transfers, Buy, Balances
Select/click on the Scan to Pay shortcut and you will get redirected
  • When you select the Scan to Pay shortcut on your screen, you will be prompted to log into the RMB App and then be redirected to the camera screen.
Scan the QR code and proceed with payment as per the existing Scan to Pay process.

About Scan to Pay

Scan to Pay allows RMB Private Bank clients with the RMB Private Bank App to scan a QR code to pay. All you need is the latest version of the app. Scan to Pay is free of charge and an immediate way to pay. No cash or cards needed - making it extra safe and convenient to use wherever you go. Just ask the store cashier to present the QR code when it's time to pay.

How it works

A step-by-step guide for you:
  1. On the merchant website or app, simply select RMB Pay Checkout
  2. You will receive a notification on your RMB Private Bank App
  3. Open the notification, authenticate yourself and select the card from which to make payment
  4. Select confirm to make the payment
  5. Confirmation of payment will be displayed on the merchant website or app


For the cardholder
  • A seamless checkout experience with no capturing of card information, nor the SMS OTP.
  • Card details are secure and never exposed on a 3rd party platform.
  • Payment interaction is via the trusted RMB Private Bank App, protected by additional layers of security
For the Merchant
  • Reduced basket abandonment that could have resulted from the customer not having their card information on hand, or not receiving the OTP.
  • The use of all other payment methods and additional value-adding services supported by the RMB Payment Gateway.
  • Avoid PCI implications when initiating payment on the clients behalf (for example, when taking a travel booking telephonically).


Where is this available?
Currently RMB Pay Checkout is only available on the eBucks website, however will be extended to other platforms and merchants.
What does it cost?
There are no fees or charges for using the service.
Is it secure?
Yes, RMB Pay Checkout uses the latest technology to secure the transaction and negates the need for capturing sensitive card information. All you need to do is select the card to pay with using the secure RMB Private Bank App. The resulting transaction is fully 3D Secure compliant ensuring the relevant protections for both the cardholder and merchant.

Scan to Pay FAQs

What is Scan to Pay?

Scan to Pay is a RMB Pay feature on the RMB Private Bank App, enabling you to scan most local QR codes including Masterpass and Payfast presented to you in shops, on point-of-sale devices (POS), on invoices/statements or on websites and pay with your RMB Private Bank cards already linked to the RMB Private Bank App.

How do I get access to Scan to Pay?

You need to ensure you have downloaded the RMB Private Bank App and that your device/phone is verified. Scan to Pay can be accessed via RMB Private Bank App which is under the Payments tab on your RMB Private Bank App. No need to register, load your card details or to create a separate username and password, all this is already available in one place, on the RMB Private Bank App. For added convenience, the Scan to Pay feature is available via Android and iOS widgets, enabling you to access the feature directly from your devices home screen.

How do I pay using Scan to Pay?

Launch the RMB Private Bank App, Select Payments, RMB Pay then Scan to Pay, then simply scan the QR code presented (in shops, on POS, on invoices/statements or on websites), enter the amount (if not already populated), select the card, confirm payment, both you and the merchant/retailer will receive confirmation of the transaction. Alternatively, use the Scan to Pay widget, all you will need to do is enable the widget before accessing Scan to Pay from your devices home screen.

How do I add a widget?


  1. Open 'Widget Home Screen' & select 'RMB Private Bank App'
  2. The RMB Private Bank App will open and select 'Scan to Pay'
  3. Wait for widget setup confirmation & select 'Close'


  1. Swipe left to right on your device to access your widgets and scroll down to select 'Edit'
  2. Add the 'Scan to Pay' widget, move it to the top of the list and select 'Done'
  3. Select the widget to complete the set up and select 'close' on the success screen

Will Scan to Pay work on my phone?

Scan to Pay is not limited to a specific phone type or operating system. Scan to Pay is available on any smartphone that the RMB Private Bank App is downloaded on.

What is the cost of Scan to Pay?

Scan to Pay is part of the RMB Private Bank App which is free. Transactions are handled as card transactions and therefore there are no additional fees. Doing a transaction will use almost no data, the same as a WhatsApp message.

What are the benefits of Scan to Pay?

  • Scan to Pay is integrated into the RMB Private Bank App which makes it both convenient and safe, no need to download another app and include your card details on that app.
  • Scan to Pay further enables a cashless lifestyle. Whether you buy coffee, something at a weekend market, or paying a bill, Scan to Pay will work for you.
  • The RMB Private Bank App allows you to pay without cash, or a physical card at the point of purchase, It is safe and you don't need to worry about having multiple apps for different QR codes.
  • Fewer apps occupying your all-important phone storage and using your data
  • Furthermore, added security features such as app login with password or biometrics make the Scan to Pay feature one of the safest ways to pay.

Where can I use Scan to Pay?

At most local or international merchants/retailers with a QR code for you to scan e.g. Zapper, Masterpass and PayFast.

Is it safe to pay with Scan to Pay?

Yes! Scan to pay can only be used after you have logged in.

Will I earn eBucks for Scan to Pay transactions?

Scan to Pay transactions are seen as card transactions and the same eBucks rules and rewards level allocations will apply for these transactions.

Will I be able to use my new card for Scan to Pay?

Yes, once your card is activated it is automatically added to the RMB Private Bank App and will be available on your list of cards to be selected for Scan to Pay transactions. Your card needs to be allowed for online purchases in order to also be allowed for Scan to Pay transactions.

What should I do if I see a Scan to Pay transaction that was not done by me?

The same process will have to be followed as for any unauthorised card transaction. Please contact the disputes/fraud department immediately on the following numbers:
South Africa: 087 575 9444
Outside South Africa: +27 11 369 2924

What will I need the numbers displayed underneath the QR code image for?

These numbers can be entered in the event that your phone camera is not working or unable to scan the code at that time. A feature allowing for the manual capture of these codes will be introduced later.

Up to what limit can I use for Scan to Pay transactions?

The same limits that apply for card transactions will also apply for Scan to Pay transactions.

What must I do if I get an "invalid QR code" error?

This means that the QR code might have been scanned incorrectly. First try to scan the code again. If the error persists, then it is possible that the QR code may be invalid or one of the very few unsupported QR codes.
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Pay with your smartphone and app - the fastest way to pay. RMB Pay gives you the option to use Tap to Pay, Scan to Pay or Checkout.
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Tap to Pay

Make your next payment seamless, contactless, cardless and cashless with RMB Pay.
#JustTap your Android smartphone to conveniently and securely pay on the go.


Buy your device from Connect or the eBucks shop.


Leave your cash and cards behind. Eliminate the risk and just tap your device wherever you are. With safety we're talking tokenisation, passcodes and PINs. No wonder it's super secure to tap your device to pay.


Scan to Pay

Pay from your smartphone using the RMB Private Bank App to scan most local payment QR codes including Masterpass, Zapper, PayFast, etc.
Set up Scan to Pay Shortcut
How it works
About Scan to Pay



Enables you to make secure and frictionless online payments.
How it works